About Us

Hi, Thanks for stopping by WeeZagg.com, please stick around for a moment and let me tell you who we are and what we are all about. We are an online outlet for apparel, jewelry, gifts, and other unique and trendy things. We have been here since 2016.

Our steadfast commitment is to bring the very best value, service, and style to you the online shopper. This is how we do it...

Value: What is value? Well we feel that the best measure of value is a shopper who is happy with their purchase. You know, getting the right item at the right price and receiving it when you expect to. In order to achieve this, we have multiple fulfillment centers and arrangements directly with the manufacturers. Some items will ship directly from China and some of our best bargains may not come in retail packaging. This keeps the prices way low and as close to wholesale as possible. Please check our Shipping Policy for shipping times. We also check all of our suppliers for quality and reputation and prefer to work only with a choice few so you will be sure to always receive a top quality item. If this sounds like value to you then shop freely, we will do our best to deliver.

Service: Our philosophy on service is simple. Any business that involves customers will at some time have an unsatisfied customer, service is defined by how that business handles the situation. If for any reason you feel we have fallen short of delivering the value that we have outlined, just email or call us. We are always here and ready to take care of whatever problem may arise.

Style: Ok, now things get fun. Others may have used the word "selection" but we prefer to use Style, because it's about more than just the stuff we have in our store. It's about how we do things. At WeeZagg.com You will find a hand picked off-beat, edgy, fashionable catalog of collections you will love. You won't find endless pages of stuff you don't like, and you will never find a monthly commitment. They Zigg, WeeZagg!